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Working Hours

We are happy to meet you during our working hours. Please make an appointment.

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 10am to 5pm

Renting of Commercial Property

Bhasin group drive significance by attracting and retaining the potential tenants with a marketing strategy and convincing leasing. We negotiate the most beneficial lease terms to secure maximum value and occupancy. We ensure that our customers get a good return on your investments and create great experiences for the tenants and their customers. Some of the highlighting features of our service are to deliver space that functions safely and efficiently for a sustainable future. From attracting new tenants to creating amazing experiences for the clients who own commercial property in Janakpuri, we explore all the creative options to stabilize tenant or reposition the property.
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We create a vision for our client's workplace that promotes innovation and enhance the business performance. You can choose flexible spaces and appealing design that reflect your core values and are perfectly suited to the employees’ needs, helping to attract and retain potential talent from a wide range of choice. We ensure to get confidential support to examine global or decentralized portfolios, reduce costs and find efficiency. Also, our clients experience smooth dispositions and effective change management. Manage the efficiency, cost, and performance of the property portfolio with committed account management experts that functions as an extension of your business.

Are you a tenant and you are looking for commercial property for rent in Janakpuri that is best for Co- working and with flexible space that transforms your traditional office space into innovative co-working area? Are you a property owner who is looking to benefit from the growing tenant demand for creative and flexible workplaces we are here to help you.

Service Features

  • Tenant screening & due diligence

  • Flexible space

  • Tenant representation

  • Business location consulting

How We Do It

We are guided by the same basic precepts
We analyze thousands of properties to narrow down your preferred location and tenants. We prioritize critical factors across demographics, workforce pools, cost of living, commute distance, government tax incentives and much more. We completely examine the building in terms of space utilization, capital expenditure, sustainability, operational performance, and against similar companies around the city.
Constructify's work ethic runs deep
Your comfort and choice are what matters most to us, and since profiling of the customer is a critical step, we pay maximum importance to it. Before starting any process we do a basic screening of the customer to ensure credibility and quality.


We build your dream house. Contact us for detailed information.

Other Services

  • It's the details that count. Because when they are given a backseat, they inevitably move up front and can overtake the

  • Achieving this successfully calls for a vision of what can be and a distinct ability to identify opportunities for salvaging elements

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Business Hours
  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 10am to 5pm
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