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One of the major reasons we are one of the established builders in janakpuri, is that we have been part of so many fabulous building projects and property deals. Sidelined by the Delhi’s real estate market and fast moving technology and design trends, we have evolved as a company that suits your demands and needs no matter what the circumstances.

We never compromise on our quality, be it the construction material used or employment of the labor class. In addition, we never shy away from using the latest safety technology meant for building homes and properties. This is why our R&D team is always seeking new and innovative trends that can give the best possible experiences.
We also enjoy 100% On time delivery rate! So, once you contact us for your dream property, you will have nothing to worry about and be rest assured to get only the perfect home!

So, pick that call and discuss your dream project with us.

Service Features

  • Complete Annexure

  • Project Estimates

  • Environmental Senstivity

  • Architectural designs

  • Interior Decoration


Do you work on construction of commercial property?

Yes, we do take commercial construction projects that have a good budget in hand.

Do you keep transparency of raw material used?

We not only keep 100% transparency with our customers but we also timely share invoices so they know exactly what type of material in what proportion is being used in their project.

Why should we choose Bhasin Group?

Bhasin group is known for its quality and 100% deliverability, If that is not something, we don’t know what would be.